Monday, February 28, 2011

Snowy Stratton Sunday

Well vacation flew by! I had an amazing vacation filled with lots of working out, relaxing, and spending time doing what i love (baking, family, running).  We got pounded with snow over the weekend.  We got over a foot of snow on Friday and that only meant one thing for me.... 

Skiing Sunday!!!  
The husband had to work on Sunday so I headed up to Stratton Amazingness with some friends and got out there!! They got hit with over 8 inches of snow Sunday morning and it was powdery goodness.  The following picture was taken while going down one of my favorite trails, Lower wanderer.  It goes under this amazing bridge and past amazing condos.  I especially love this one bench made out of skis.  Need to remember to take a picture next time.  

We stopped at Bob's Diner on the way to the mountain and I feasted on french toast with corn flake crusted on it.  So good and helped me make my way through the powder.  I definitely got air several times.

Back to work today.  I slipped while trying to make my way into my building due to the ice however i did not fall and safely made it into my classroom.  Work was busy and my boys kept me on my toes (as usual).  After work I headed to spinning and then body pump.  I was completely drained after pump and headed home to a solitary meal of Chik'n patty (boca style) and spinach.  I also ate an apple with pb and some PB whoppers.  Now i will watch who Brad picks( it's taking a lot to keep my mouth shut on who he picks)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Life on the run

Found this on a blog and I thought it was fun! 

First run: The first time I can remember running and truly running was when I was a junior in high school and they had us run the mile.  We always ran the mile in gym class but this was the first time I truly "ran". 
Longest run on the treadmill: 10 miles
Scariest run:Getting lost on my boyfriend(now husband)'s birthday.  I was out of fuel and had no idea how to get home.  I waved to some random strangers and finally a gentleman pulled over and brought me home safely.   
Prettiest run: Maui, Hawaii 
The slowest race: Boilermaker 15k my first 15k 
The fastest race: Stock-adeathon 2010.  or Spac Rock n Run 
Worst thing about running: Having to stop due to the call of nature
Best thing about running: Endorphins 
Places I have run: NY,VT,HI, FL, MA,Spain, Canada, DE, PA, 
Coolest run: NYC 1/2 marathon...running down broadway...indescribable 
Furthest run from home: Spain
Running injuries: Black ToenailS, shin splints
Life on the run is…energizing, amazing, indescribable 

Oh Happy (Thurs)DAY

Good morning! I am loving the fact that I have woken up before 9 every day on vacation this far.  I feel pretty accomplished doing so and I feel that I tend to get more done and don't feel as lazy! Hooray!!

Last night was so much fun! I met some friends at Home of the amazing salad bar and caught up for a bit before heading back to mi casa and hosting book club.  We read The Five Love Languages for this session  We ate delicious food, drank wine , and chatted the night away.  I had a lot of fun hosting and look forward to our next book club although we don't know what we will be reading yet.

This morning, I woke up bright and early and went to My second home for a great butts and gutts class.  My butt and gutt was talking to me after this class.  I came home and enjoyed this lovely concoction.
Homemade cherry sourdough bread with banana peanut butter = Happy Amy

I have a busy afternoon and evening on tap...time to drink more coffee!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Manic Monday ....time to reenergize

Happy President's Day! Just want to take a moment to thank Washington and Lincoln for being born and giving me a vacay! :-)

Started off the day right by sleeping in until 7:06 A.M. (What has my life come to??) and then drinking some tea before cleaning the snow (more really?!?!)  then heading out to Body Pump.  Body Pump was great as usual but super hard.  I worked in my 5 mile tempo run around body pump and it was pretty craziness! I ran 5 total with 3@7:47 pace.  I managed to get in 3.5 before i set up for pump then hopped back on for .5 before pump started.  Did pump then ran the last mile after pump.  Pretty crazy and tiring not going to lie.
Came home and got my eat on and my girlie came to visit.  We went up to Saratoga and ate at Cantina.  Chips were delish as was the Sangria I drank with it and the chips.  I hopped on over to Plum Dandy Yogurt and ate wonderfully amazing Chocolate Cherry Yogurt.  It was so great.  Got my shop on at Target and then headed home to make these beauties
  This was my second attempt at granola bars and apparently they were better than the first time.  I will make a third attempt ASAP.

Also made PB and enjoyed some amazing mac and cheese.  Rented Eat, Pray, Love and you might ask how do you know if you are really obsessed with Pretty Woman and Julia Roberts....When you are watching her in another movie and comparing it to PW.  Yes that is what I did.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Trader Joe's=LOVE

Three favorite foods eaten this past weekend: 
1-YogoJoy Delicious- A trip to Rye is not complete without yogojoy.  On this trip, I enjoyed three flavors: coconut, chocolate, and vanilla.  I topped it with some chocolate goodness. 
2-Sushi and Shumai- One can not go wrong with Sushi.  I was lucky enough to enjoy with some great friends. 
3-Sweet potatoes with raisins....Dinner home with my husband which was accompanied by an amazing Steak salad with gorgonzola cheese and carmelized onions...Yum! I would take all the credit but it was not made by me.  I did roast the sweet potatoes however! 

Two favorite experiences:  
1-Reading magazines for over 2 hours...nothing like reading and relaxing! 
2-Running to the ocean...nothing is quite as grounding for me as running. 

One favorite song
Any song that was on the 80's music channel on TV over the weekend 

Best purchase made
Race entry for Run for the Wild. Happy Birthday Amanda!

Vacation mode may begin.  I must start my  Wine...i mean book club!