Sunday, February 20, 2011

Trader Joe's=LOVE

Three favorite foods eaten this past weekend: 
1-YogoJoy Delicious- A trip to Rye is not complete without yogojoy.  On this trip, I enjoyed three flavors: coconut, chocolate, and vanilla.  I topped it with some chocolate goodness. 
2-Sushi and Shumai- One can not go wrong with Sushi.  I was lucky enough to enjoy with some great friends. 
3-Sweet potatoes with raisins....Dinner home with my husband which was accompanied by an amazing Steak salad with gorgonzola cheese and carmelized onions...Yum! I would take all the credit but it was not made by me.  I did roast the sweet potatoes however! 

Two favorite experiences:  
1-Reading magazines for over 2 hours...nothing like reading and relaxing! 
2-Running to the ocean...nothing is quite as grounding for me as running. 

One favorite song
Any song that was on the 80's music channel on TV over the weekend 

Best purchase made
Race entry for Run for the Wild. Happy Birthday Amanda!

Vacation mode may begin.  I must start my  Wine...i mean book club!

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