Saturday, October 22, 2011

13 days later....

and I can happily say that I have a 10k PR.  Actually it's my first 10k as a married lady! (2 years tomorrow is our anniversary! WoW!) 
I ran in 47:43 which is a definite PR as my last 10K in 2008 was 51:34 Yippee!! 

I ran at the Saratoga Spa State Park in the Great Pumpkin Challenge to benefit Saratoga Bridges!! I received a great shirt and there were people dressed up! There was a 10k and 5k (Some friends ran the 5K) 

Here's how it all went down: 

 Woke up at about 7:20 got some coffee going and ate some cereal (i am in LOVE with cinnamon cheerios and chex!) and then waited for my co-worker to pick me up for the race.  She called me about 10 minutes after 8 (she was supposed to pick me up at 8) and said she was lost.  I told her to relax and she was all in a tizzy.  She ended up finding my house and we drove to the park where it was held and had to search for a LEGAL parking space.  We found one after about 10 minutes and then made our way to packet pick up and bag drop.  We found two of my other coworkers and chatted for a bit while waiting for the race to start.  We head toward the start I took my gu then did a quick warm up jog before lining up.  The race had about 2000 runners and it took me about 45 seconds to cross the mat.  The first mile or so I was going around people but i found my rhythym.  
Mile 1: 7:38 
Mile 2: 7:41 
Mile 3: 7:23 
Mile 4: ?? did not register on my cardio trainer app 
Mile 5: 7:54
Mile 6: 7:45 

Definitely positive splits but the first 10K was flat and the 2nd 10k was HILLY. There as one hill after mile 4 and then you went down the other side did a loop and then back up the hill you went down .  It was pretty crazy.  I felt really good throughout and I'm really glad that I did so well. (Considering I ran a marathon 13 days ago)! 

I am overjoyed at my feat and  I'm feeling pretty good.  It was a beautiful day to run.  Next up: Improving my 5k time.  I have been running so many longer distances that 10k and 5k have really been on the backburner.  

Time to dig in to my tortilla chips and hydrate with coffee and almond milk ( I life live on the edge...I'm aware!) 

Monday, October 10, 2011

Marathon...I get it now!

So my first marathon was back in 2007(Walt Disney World Marathon) ...Let's go over some of the things that have occurred in those 4 years and 10 months shall we:

-Graduated with my masters
-Got my first "real" job after college
-started paying my student loans off (wow I feel old...i will paying these for a while!! )
-Got engaged
-Got my second "real" job (my current job that I LOVE!)
-Got Married
-Went to Spain
-Went to Hawaii
-Ran  Many Many Half-Marathons(2 half's equal a full right?...i kid i kid!) since but no marathon...Until YESTERDAY!!

So yesterday was the day that I've been waiting for since sometime last year...

The Mohawk Hudson River Marathon

I can't remember when it somehow feels like a blur.  Let's talk about some numbers that brought me to this Marathon shall we:
7:pairs of shorts tried out until i found the magical
 Lululemon all sport shorts..they held my gu and they provided me the comfort so that I did not chafe (SCORE for you Lululemon!)
6: miles that I wish didn't exist during the marathon ( that would be mile 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26) ...those were the least amount of fun!
5: Months of training that brought me to the start line.
4: Gu's on my person that were consumed during the race. I bought a box of back in July and I'm proud to say that I only have a few left thanks to marathon training.
3: the Pairs of Asics GT-2160 sneakers worn during training for the race.
2: The number of sore legs afterward
1: Happy Girl that met her goal of sub 4 hours. Official results are not yet up but I believe it was 3:56.

I was so happy to meet my goal I set for myself...However by the end of the night I was already plotting my next step....I am the first to admit that I've become so into running and love the way it makes me feel and just want to keep running.  Although I can't do that right now (remember Marathon...) Asic GT-2160's we will have a date soon...not serious but a date nonetheless!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

7 days out...OMG!

So marathon day is NEXT Sunday...whoa unbelieveable! 7 days aka in a flash!! This week flew by.  I ran in the Race for the cure yesterday in 23:35.  I am happy with my time as the first mile was bobbing and weaving through many fine folks as I was in the back of the pack...however I am so close to this marathon I didn't want to mess it up and I am happy to have been a part of helping for breast cancer :-) So many thoughts are going through my mind right now I am just having a plethora of thoughts and the inability to write it all i will leave you with this 

Last Seven people I talked to on the phone:
  1. Mom
  2. Christopher
  3. Dad
  4. Credit Card Company to fix my payment :-) 
  5. sorry
  6. TEXT more...can't remember haha! 
Last seven meals I ate: 

  1. Tomato Soup with veg chic patty 
  2. Party sub with Polenta casserole...yum! 
  3. Blueberry mini bagel with dubliner cheese
  4. Blueberry Chobani with cinnamon chex
  5. Pizza
  6. Pizza
  7. Apple Fritter
Last seven places I’ve traveled:
  1. Enfield, CT 
  2. Syracuse, NY 
  3. Whitesboro, NY 
  4. Aruba 
  5. NYC aka Manhattan aka UES
  6.  Whitesbor, NY 
  7. NYC aka Manhattan aka UES 
Next seven places I will go 
  1. Stroudsburg, PA
  2. Manchester, VT
  3. New York City for nyc marathon! 
  4. Sagamore Resort Bolton Landing, NY 
  5. Whitesboro, NY 
  6. Syracuse, NY 
  7. Massachusetts 
Last five workouts:
  1. 2 mile walk after race for the Cure
  2. 5k Race for the cure + 2 mile warm up/cool down 
  3. Spinning class
  4. 8 mile run 
  5. 2 mile run 
  6. 1 mile run post body pump
  7. Body Pump 
Seven things making me happy right now:
  1. It's Sunday aka NY Times reading day aka relax day 
  2. I'm in my PJ's at 9 am still! 
  3. Coffee 
  4. Sweatpants 
  5. My new rain jacket 
  6. October is anniversary is around the corner and fall running is in effect 
  7. My Marathon is in SEVEN (seis) days away! WoW!!! 
Til next time....