Monday, October 10, 2011

Marathon...I get it now!

So my first marathon was back in 2007(Walt Disney World Marathon) ...Let's go over some of the things that have occurred in those 4 years and 10 months shall we:

-Graduated with my masters
-Got my first "real" job after college
-started paying my student loans off (wow I feel old...i will paying these for a while!! )
-Got engaged
-Got my second "real" job (my current job that I LOVE!)
-Got Married
-Went to Spain
-Went to Hawaii
-Ran  Many Many Half-Marathons(2 half's equal a full right?...i kid i kid!) since but no marathon...Until YESTERDAY!!

So yesterday was the day that I've been waiting for since sometime last year...

The Mohawk Hudson River Marathon

I can't remember when it somehow feels like a blur.  Let's talk about some numbers that brought me to this Marathon shall we:
7:pairs of shorts tried out until i found the magical
 Lululemon all sport shorts..they held my gu and they provided me the comfort so that I did not chafe (SCORE for you Lululemon!)
6: miles that I wish didn't exist during the marathon ( that would be mile 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26) ...those were the least amount of fun!
5: Months of training that brought me to the start line.
4: Gu's on my person that were consumed during the race. I bought a box of back in July and I'm proud to say that I only have a few left thanks to marathon training.
3: the Pairs of Asics GT-2160 sneakers worn during training for the race.
2: The number of sore legs afterward
1: Happy Girl that met her goal of sub 4 hours. Official results are not yet up but I believe it was 3:56.

I was so happy to meet my goal I set for myself...However by the end of the night I was already plotting my next step....I am the first to admit that I've become so into running and love the way it makes me feel and just want to keep running.  Although I can't do that right now (remember Marathon...) Asic GT-2160's we will have a date soon...not serious but a date nonetheless!

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