Monday, February 28, 2011

Snowy Stratton Sunday

Well vacation flew by! I had an amazing vacation filled with lots of working out, relaxing, and spending time doing what i love (baking, family, running).  We got pounded with snow over the weekend.  We got over a foot of snow on Friday and that only meant one thing for me.... 

Skiing Sunday!!!  
The husband had to work on Sunday so I headed up to Stratton Amazingness with some friends and got out there!! They got hit with over 8 inches of snow Sunday morning and it was powdery goodness.  The following picture was taken while going down one of my favorite trails, Lower wanderer.  It goes under this amazing bridge and past amazing condos.  I especially love this one bench made out of skis.  Need to remember to take a picture next time.  

We stopped at Bob's Diner on the way to the mountain and I feasted on french toast with corn flake crusted on it.  So good and helped me make my way through the powder.  I definitely got air several times.

Back to work today.  I slipped while trying to make my way into my building due to the ice however i did not fall and safely made it into my classroom.  Work was busy and my boys kept me on my toes (as usual).  After work I headed to spinning and then body pump.  I was completely drained after pump and headed home to a solitary meal of Chik'n patty (boca style) and spinach.  I also ate an apple with pb and some PB whoppers.  Now i will watch who Brad picks( it's taking a lot to keep my mouth shut on who he picks)

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