Friday, September 2, 2011

An ode to 18 miles...AKA 18 good things about 18 miles.

As I was driving home from running 18 miles (OMG!) this morning I was like there have got to be 18 good things about what i just here it goes...

1. mile 1=I started this thing and i WILL finish
2. mile 9=halfway there
3. mile 18=finished
4. Espresso love GU x2...I have this thing for caffeine and thankfully Espresso love GU helps me with that while I run.
5. The little man on my phone (CardioTrainer app) that tells me my mileage and pace
6. H20
7. Working on my tan while working on my physique
8. The fact that my legs are able to let me know they are still there even after 18 miles...
9. NEW running shorts that did not chafe during the run! Love you adidas! I also love the zipper pocket in said shorts
10. being able to run on the bike trail that was not under water.  I did however see a lot of brown mud out there but none on the path
11. SUN
12. Being able to think about EVERYTHING (and I am as random as they get) for approximately 2 hours 37 minutes .
13. 18 miles is more than halfway to the finish line of the marathon (which is approxiately 5 weeks away. OMFG)
14. After 18 miles anything edible sounds good to ingest
15. Downhills..I <3 the breeze in my hair
16. The uphills which mean a downhill can not be far off!
17. I know i'm not alone as I run and I find comfort that there are other crazies like me out there
18. Spi Belt..thank you spi belt for hold my phone so that I did not.

ok so i definitely found 18 good things about 18 miles....the best thing after the 18 miles was the amazing muscle soothing bath!! Yay!!

Now time to relax a little more than dig in to some food!!

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