Sunday, September 25, 2011

12 muddy miles...

Yesterday was my last double digit run before the marathon.  I slept in, took my time, and then parked near the finish line of the course that I will be running Hudson Mohawk Marathon.  I have ran on various other parts of the course to get a feel for the course and yesterday was INTERESTING to say the least.  Let's just say our friend

Hurricane Irene and the massive amounts of rain we have received since then has left it's mark on the course.  I started out happily going along watching some young teenagers doing their thing on the Hudson 
Oh little rowers what beautiful muscles you have.

Then it happened...I was just minding my business listening to some IPOD love and I came face to face with MUD.  At first, I thought this is ok I can do this but then it just got worse and worse and when I thought it could not get worse, I ran into a massive flood after I had already decided to take the roads back to my starting point.  There was a bridge I had to go under and under said bridge was water and lots of it.  I tried to go around the water and then i just got muddy, so I just went in it and got the soggy blues.  Fortunately, I kept on going and ran on the roads for the rest of the time.  I found my way back near the finish line of the marathon and stopped just short of the finish line.  I guess I'll take that as a good sign...The next time I see the finish will be October 9th.  Boo yah!

I leave you with 12 Random thoughts that pertain to my run yesterday

1. Mud + leaves are not the style in my book and never will be.

2.Eating at
 Dinosaur Bar-B-Queafter 12 muddy miles never tasted so good.  I enjoyed (every single bite) Texas Style Creamed Corn along with Tomato Basil Soup and a Pumpkin Ale.  Don't worry I also consumed copious amounts of seltzer water (love the bubbles).

3. Reese's PB Cup Friend-z's taste amazing post run as well.

4. Turning the shower to the hottest setting while doing my thing always sets off my smoke day I will learn my lesson.

5. Thanks to the nice man who gave me paper towels at the bathroom after my run.  Paper towels after a nice sweatfest= love.

6. Thank goodness my new sneakers are heading my way and should be at mi casa by tuesday.  The pair I got muddy were on their last legs and were losing their mojo.

7. Running on mud may be just as scary, if not scarier, than running on snow/ice.

8. I dropped a water bottle off on a stoop so that I could drink it post run and it was not there when I came back 1 hr, 45 min. later...hmmmm...

9. Thanks to said mud this run was the slowest long run of my cycle. The mud was apparently god's way of telling me to slow down. Thanks for the sign!

10.The bathroom's at Stewarts that I have used lately are so clean and nice...Thanks , your clean bathroom's helped me get through.

11. Billy Joel is a genius

12. Wow....last double digit run before this marathon...remind yourself  Amy that you need to take it easy so you can meet your goals and make it to the finish line!

My mantra from now until October 9: Take it easy now so you can MOVE it later!

The good news is that I am a few miles away from surpassing last month's mileage so I know I can do this and take it easy.  I just need to remind myself!!!

Til next time...

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