Saturday, September 10, 2011

20 miles....20 random thoughts

While completing 20 miles this morning there were definitely more than 20 random thoughts going through my head but let's see if i can remember at least twenty of them....

1. wearing sunglasses while going through a tunnel is not a great idea...actually its really creepy and I do not recommend it....i <3 you Maui Jim's =love but preferably on the beach!

2. Oh big hill you are my biznatch

3. why is it that when you want a bathroom there are never any but when you don't need one they are everywhere...that was my dilemma at about 15 miles in...not cute at all! thankfully i found some hidden area to take care of business...thank you mother nature

4. remember to charge ipod before long run...because if you do not your Ipod may die during an epic Shakira song...those are the breaks that i am willing to take for the name of a run

5. Falling leaves while running make 20 miles more bearable

6. Thank you smartwater for getting me through 20 miles

7. Thank you espresso love are AMAZING! ;-)

8. My stomach has never made noises like it does after 19 miles...fortunately at mile 19 i am so close i can taste the finish!!

9. I love the wind in my hair while running down hill.

10. Running under  this was extremely satisfying....

11. That was nice of a random person to pick up my unwanted tshirt i threw after less than three miles...Thank you random stranger however I prefer the less is more look while running.

12. I am full of thanks while running...Thank you mizuno for making my new shorts however I wasn't too excited to pull them down several times...those are the breaks i guess right??

13.  Only (fill in number) more minutes until I am in my shower....

14. I need to get myself in gear...I have a baby shower to get ready for ...and a cold shower/bath to get into...

15. going up is not as fun as going down.

16. I would love to live on a house on the river...this one looks nice.

17.  The woman cleaning the window in this she a cleaning lady or does she live there (random!! i know!)

18.  While passing the town dump I was thankful that my house was not directly across from the dump.  Not exactly the most pleasant smell...It also reminded me of the dump at disney...aww Mickey i miss you...

19.  I wish i brought some gatorade on this journey...

20.  I am sure some creatures are eating my clif bar at this moment...I will not be eating my clif bar during this run....

There were many more these are just the ones that came to mind first....Waking up at 4:27 and then 5:43 am on a Saturday were definitely worth it.  I am glad that I got 20 miles in before the marathon...Ready to run!! Less than a month and I'm out there for the big day!! So excited and thinking about it in my head!!

til next time....

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