Saturday, May 7, 2011

Derby Day

In my house, Derby Day (the day in which the Kentucky Derby is run) is a big deal.  My husband is a huge horse racing fan and gambler in general and derby day is always something we look forward to.  It just so happens it also falls on (next year!) or around Cinco de Mayo.  This year it is two days later but next year my friends, next year it is on Cinco De Mayo, which means big things in my world.
Derby de Mayo  means:
-mint julips

unfortunately, that is next year.

This year means:
-husband + me at Saratoga Casino 

A little recap as to where i've been/what i've been up to:
-Work has been busy ....Spring/end of the school year at my school means these bad boys  AKA tiring but soo fun my boys love it!
-Ran at the  last weekend for my friend.  It was a ton of fun minus the getting to the race late and starting late.  However I had a great time and it was a beautiful day for the zoo!
-also ran in Rye and got the view of the  and the wonderful Long Island Sound a view that never disappoints especially when viewed with friends.
-had a great brunch at  with my bestie while reading the Sunday times and drinking some champagne...AHHHmazing!!
-Celebrated Cinco de Mayo with some of my fabulous co-workers at La Fiesta.

Running has been going well I have had the pleasure of running to the golf course in the mornings and seeing the amazing sun shine over the golf course on my runs lately.  I <3 it.  I had a hard time this week getting out of bed at 5 am.  I did manage it on Wednesday AM for Body Pump ( Do not worry I also went monday night!) I am thinking of going again tomorrow AM before my family celebration of mother's day!
I'm so excited to have my mom and dad come visit for mother's day tomorrow!!

Ok time to get this show on the road
Saratoga Casino here we come!

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