Saturday, March 26, 2011

Kinda busy

It's been awhile and as my friends Lady Gaga and Beyonce say....I've been kinda busy...Let's recap shall we...

The last time I wrote I was about to settle down to watch the last episode of the Bachelor.  Since then, the bachelor has picked his lovely lady and my pick! Thank goodness I loved what Ryan used as an analogy for their "journey".  The bachelor is like a cruise with everything provided for you for 6 weeks and then after the 6 weeks are's like they put you in a lifeboat with no supplies and you are forced to work through it and decide your future! I am so team Ryan and Trista...they are so cute! Anywhoo....After the 3 hours of the Bachelor...I hopped into bed and made it to a 5:30 spin class.  I love this instructor and the music is soo good.  I worked all day and then headed back to the gym for a 3 mile run in preparation for NYC half.  The rest of the week looked like this: 

Wednesday-Body Pump in the AM before work and then 3.5 miles after work outside in the gorgeous weather.  

Thursday-4 mile speed workout out.  I am not going to lie...this was tough and i felt soo good getting through it!! 

Friday- After a long day of work I headed onto the beautiful blue with an amazing chicken salad sandwich (curry..Yum!) from .  The Jonesville Store is so delicious and in the cutest building sooo close to my house (score!)  After getting into Manhattan Michelle and I subwayed it up to the UWS and met her bro and SIL for a drink at Amsterdam Ale House where I feasted on a Guiness and espress vodka (my favorite!).  We hung out after the drink and watched the SU game (i.e. I fell asleep)


Saturday- Woke up and took this amazing Pup for a walk (or he took me for a run...details details).  We stopped at item9 where I picked up some bagels and some AMAZING tofu veggie spread (aka vegan cream cheese).  OK i'm the farthest from a vegetarian but i am in love with this stuff.  It tastes so much better than cream cheese and it has vegetables in it...SCORE!   After some bagels and preparation for the day, Michelle and I headed to pick up our race packets for the logo.  We also stopped at UNIQLO where I purchased the most fabulous basic if spring would just hurry up and get here...hint hint...We also meandered around Union Square and headed up to the UES to drop our bags off and grab lunch at on the UES and ate some amazing Pad Thai.  It was delish as was my  Thai Iced Tea.  YUM YUM!! After getting our fill of food we headed to  to get some lovin for our fingers (aka manicure).  When we walked in there was a little girls birthday party going on so they told us to come back after the party.  Luckily for us we were a block away from Central Park and so we wandered over to the Resevoir and walked around until we stumbled upon a bathroom right near my #1 chill spot in Manhattan The Metropolitan Museum of Art - 5,000 Years of Art.  We walked around and went to my favorite picture taking location 


The glass window room (Yes I am VERY technical) is my go to spot! We hung out for a bit then headed back to  and drank some coffee and chilled out some more.  After nail time we chilled out for a bit and had an amazing dinner with Ronny guy at Pio Pio.  It was delicious but not as delicious as . I was fortunate enough to have a Groupon for 16 handles and being the frozen yogurt fan (ok freak!) I tried a ton of flavors and fell in love with scooter crunch.  It was so amazing that we went back on Sunday!! After a 16 handles coma I headed to the haven known as the couch and dozed off only to be awoken a few hours later for the big day! 

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