Monday, March 14, 2011

Hello Monday!

Another Monday done (almost...not until the bachelor is over!)

So what's been happening...let's see!
After Snow day last Monday...I went to body pump and got my 6 mile speed workout run in (Only one more until the NYC 1/2 marathon!)

Tuesday I had CPR after working all day and was really craving the infamous Shamrock i stopped on my way home and got one before heading home.  I overslept on tuesday and only got to run 3 miles in the am(needed 6 for the day)...therefore after the Shamrock shake I hopped back to the gym and got in a few more miles( with a deficit of 1.25 miles due to the unhappy stomach due to said infamous shamrock shake).

Wednesday, Body pump in the AM and then ran the last 1.25 afterward to get the 6 i wanted to get in on tuesday!

Thurday, I went to 5:30 a.m. spin and i'm not kidding but it was AMAZING.  Music was great and it was a great start to the day!

Friday A.M. I got 5 in on the treadmill o'fun.  I went to happy hour after work then headed to Date night with my wonderful husband.  We headed to a bar/restaurant where we had gift cards then headed to my favorite store Book heaven a.k.a Barnes and Noble.  I sat, read People Magazine and then headed to Friendlys for a beautiful Reese's Piece's Sundae to share with said wonderful man.  It was delicious and such a great way to end the work week.

I slept in (Ok so in my terms that means 7:45 a.m.) then ran some errands (i.e.- Eyebrow wax! :-) ) then caught up with some friends on the phone for awhile and finally got my butt out the door for a run! I had 7 on tap for the run but the route I wanted to run was 7.52 so i got 7.52 on the books.  After running, I finished a shamrock shake(damn you shamrock it St. Patrick's day yet??) then took a nap for a hot minute before heading out the door to babysit for the evening!

Sunday was spend the day with the husband day! It was a complete workout free day and we had a great day.  Grocery shopping and preparing some Pork ( Pork...the other white meat = love! <3 <3) It was an amazing recipe from Can you stay for dinner = amazing recipes=yum!   It was great and loved just putting it in the crockpot and then getting things done around town.  We went and visited a new baby and then headed home for the rest of the day! I made cupcakes and cookies (brought them to the baby and baby mama).  I was starving when we got back to the house after baby visiting, I was starving and an amazing chocolate cheese quesadilla was presented to me from the husband.  I WAS going to share with him but it was just so good!

This morning, I made it out of bed only 10 minutes late to Body pump.  Went elipiticalling for 15 minutes and then got the day started.  Husband worked tonight so I was a bachelorette (while watching the bachelor..ha!) and made myself a tortilla bowl using leftover pork, black beans, salsa, cheese and plain non-fat yogurt and topped with Frank's.  It was delicious...
Which brings me to where I am today...watching the bachelor and waiting for him to pick the final lady...til next time...

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